Simple beauty

The Belgians believe that they make the finest fabrics in the world; when you see this small, but perfect, collection from Souveraine they may be right.

Specialising in linens and velvets they use piece dying to produce the subtlest of colours – this is fabric for those with a discerning eye and sensitive touch.

Souveraine intermingle their simple linens with luxurious velvets, silks and satins, colours and textures are designed to combine with ease.

If required special colours can be made even for 280cm width fabric.
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Linen stays cool
The 'blues', linen stays cooler always fresh & smart
Blue fabrics from Souveraine
The beauty of piece dyed heavy linen
Geometric design
Long smooth linen fibres mean that linen doesn't grab dirt particles
Linen dyeing expertise
Linen dyes the best &Souveraine display their dying expertise
Linen of the earth
Charlie' to the left, 'Terre de Lin' on the right
Geometric design
Satins for drapes
Singapore remodel furniture
Souveraine's most famous design -'Lin Special'
Trevira fire retardant fabric
Available in natural fibres and in fire retardant Trevira CS
Two-toned fabric
A two-tone called 'Victor'

Herringbone fabrics look great on arm chairs
exotic moorish pattern
Trevira CS
Hangers, books, studio
Visit our showroom to view anytime

Singapore wholesale fabric
Piece dyed linen has a lovely depth of colour