Santorus is more than fabulous, it is more opulent, more glorious and more fun. The brand's boundless energy and ebullience comes from the founders Tara and Fabian. A sister and brother team they believe any object can become a work of art. This is British design at its youthful best however Tara and Fabian are of Italian and Indian descent and this rich cultural heritage resonates loudly throughout the design.

Santorus is very new, launched only in 2016 and we are so excited to be part of their begininings.
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Jungle wallpaper
Jungle Paradise in Cardamon
Leopard print
Leopard's Prowling on velvet, the orange positively glows
feathers, fans
The rather burlesque Madame de la Soir, in Amethyst, on the wall
burlesque fabric
Madame de la Soir in linen too
Hot air balloon cushions Satorus
Sartorus make gorgeous cushions and we do believe one can never have enough