Outdoor Fabrics
A tropical environment is particularly taxing on fabrics. Sun and humidity do their best to fade and rot the fibres; however nothing beats sitting outside on a warm balmy evening . But to be comfortable you need good-looking cushions and seat pads.

Decortex Firenze uses new technology and a Moroccan-inspired design to weave their enormously popular In & Out collection. It is soft enough to use indoors, is perfect in sunny areas and very easily cleaned.

Les Toiles du Soleil commission Sunbrella to weave a selection of their designs in outdoor acrylic. Tough and sun resistant their extra width is very useful on many outdoor pieces such as day-beds.

We do notice that the best outdoor fabrics come from sunny places: Hertex Fabrics in Capetown, Textile Vilber in Valencia, Signature Prints in Sydney and Antoine Berengier on the French Riviera – all have lovely outdoor collections.

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outdoor, textiles, tropical
The 'In & Out' collection - sun resistant for outdoors & indoors
upholstery sun resistant
'Meknes' from Decortex Firenze
sun resistant outdoor fabric
'Fes' - In and Out
fade, resistant, outdoor
Tough and stain resistant
orange outdoor fabric
Orange looks good outside
Polyolefin, fabric
Malaina from Designs of the Time
Outdoor, textiles, water resistant
Ceret-Cerise Sunbrella Acrylic
Verandah furniture Singapore
Collioure Rouge Sunbrella Acrylic
patterned outdoor fabric
Tropical leaves design
exterior fabrics, canvas
Textiles Vilber's patterned acrylic