Neisha Crosland
Modern and in touch with the zeitgeist of today, yet redolent of the past, Neisha Crosland understands what makes strong design: rhythm and repetition are her passion creating a patterned collection that demands attention.

Her exquisite forms are repeated, enlarged and reduced, printed or woven across wallpapers and textiles alike.

Oversized graphics, vibrant colour combinations and a uniquely eclectic British sensibility defines the style.
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The 12 points of Neisha Crosland's 'Star Anise'
Small multi-pointed stars decorate this paper aptley named "Star Anise"
Mustard Sage close-up for Neisha Crosland
Close-up "Star Anise" in mustard sage, 5 colourways available

A geometric octagonal repeat
Gardenia comes in 6 colours from Neisha Crosland
Small elegant Gardenias standing reminscent of Persian & English country florals
In 6 colours, wallpaper from Neisha Crosland
Circular patterns, filgree-like and inspired by metal-work and garden gates
bespoke, upholstery-silk-polyester
A sophisticated elegance
neisha crosland, cushions, throws, pillows
Neisha Crosland is the master of the small dynamic repeat
nesha, crossland, interior, design
Why Bode loves velvet
ethnic, embroidered, textiles
'Caterpillar Leaf Embroidery'
Geometric, design, pattern, interiors
Geometric, wall papering, zebra
'Zebra' in brown and silver, incredible for intimate spaces.
Gatsby, deco, velvet, textiles
The very glamorous 'Hollywood Grape'
British Designers, art deco, small pattern
'Moorish Circles'
small repeat wall-paper
'Pollen' Wall-paper