“Our desire is to re-enchant the world and at the same time, re-enchant you. For you, we are not only creating a fabulous visual, emotional and tactile world: we are creating a world story.”

Florence Vermelle,

Artistic Director

Misia is a sublimely glorious and charming; it glitters and shines. It is a brand intent upon rediscovering the freedom, vibrancy and verve of the ‘Roaring Twenties’ in Paris. Misia taps into the mystique of those times and then gives it a thoroughly modern makeover.

Misia’s ‘Les Clés de l’Archipel’collection is definitive for glamorous villas and resorts in Asia and bound to inspire.

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Misia-Paris woven jacquard and Satin fabrics
'O Rio Canta' for sophisticated curtains & 'Mata-Mata' is a wonderful woven jaquard on the armchair
Cotton Velvet
'Aime' on the chair is a glorious rich piled velvet and comes in 32 colours
Woven PVC from Misia-Paris
'La Plume du Tocan' is a woven faux leather in a chic herringbone
Tree of Dreams from Misia-Paris
'Arbre des Songes' is exquisite and a very strong jacquard with 60,000 Martindale rubs
Tropical Jungle
Superior jungle foliage inspired by Henri Rosseau
Velvet Jacquard by Misia
43 yarns go into creating this incredible velvet jacquard

african inspired
Misia creates the world's most interesting and luxurious velvets – no exaggeration
Inspired by Japan in the '30's this is a glorious satin
texture, patina, japanese inspired
contemporary, elegantly textural and the highest quality
rafia, curtains from Misia-paris
Rafia woven through linen creates a caligraphic design
koi, goldfish, danse des cypriens
Danse des Cypriens is printed on a linen silk, pure chic
Princess Aiko Silk blend
'Princess Aiko' is a lovely textured silk blend, colours are twisted to create depth
Cushion in Princess Aiko
And it makes the most sophisticated cushions
Pavillion D'or on the walls
Quality fabric sews beautifully
Digitally printed velvet
“La Closerie des Lilas” is rich in colours carefully chosen for their chromatic harmony. It is perfect for heavy upholstery.
wall cover wall-paper satin wallpaper
Luxuriate with textured satin wall paper
Textured textile French
On the cushions is an elegant textured fabric called 'Dry Tortugas'
fur faux-fur synthetic fur, snake-skin
The softest faux fur, the most beautiful faux snake-skin fabric - what more do you need?
luxury, cushions
For exotic ambiance toss around some Misia cushions

A superb textured geometric
cyan blue velvet digitally printed resort villa
“Les Clés de l’Archipel” Collection. Vibrant and free.
resort resort-wear luxury
Specifically designed for your audacious luxury resort
Pink fabric, upholstery, french
A pink with a touch of liliac combined with gold
Cushions, velvet banquette, linen blends
Satin luxury fabric
'Paco's Suit' has with small woven dots forming diamond shapes on satin