Les Toiles du Soleil
Charming authenticity

For those who love the rhythm of a stripe Les Toiles du Soleil is unparalleled. The majority of the images here were taken on our visit to their mill in St Laurent de Cerdans in the French Pyrenees. Still weaving on original shuttle looms the yarns are twisted and interwoven to create their stunning textiles.

The fabrics are a generous 180cm wide and many of the designs do not have a repeat. The cotton is the finest quality and Les Toiles du Soleil use a unique dyeing process call to ‘Le Grand Teint’ to ensure long lasting colour.

Sunbrella is commissioned to make a selection of their designs in outdoor acrylic. Tough and sun resistant their extra width is very useful on many outdoor pieces such as day-beds.

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Red striped canvas
Fabric, rolls, St Laurent du Cerdans
Canvas of the Sun
Cotton Canvas
Weaving Tsar Rouge
Black and white
Rue du Bac Gris & Tom Noir
Bright, colours, colors
Preparing Bon Bon Plume
Bode, bean-bag, ottoman
Collioure Rouge
Sun resistant, outdoor, textiles
Fabrics of the sun
summer, colours
artisinal, textiles
Maury Anis
Curtain, striped, drapes
Ceret Cerise
A small village in the French Pyranees