Leather & Faux Leather
We are lucky to have the very best in both leather and faux leather.

Leather from Stolz

Real leather is irresistible: textural, soft, pliable and resilient, a luxurious quality leather will remain beautiful for many years. Stolz leather is particularly soft and gorgeous.

Our hides are tanned in Italy and the majority of our leathers come from Scandinavian or South German bull-hides, these animals are considerably larger than most. Hides are often five square metres or more, the hides tend have minimal damage. This means larger panels and less waste.


The Symphony Collection synthetic leather & contract fabrics

For many practical reasons, synthetic leather is a good idea. Not only well-priced these are high performance fabrics crafted to withstand the rigors of commercial interiors within education, hospitality, corporate, and healthcare environments. Many are suitable for outdoor use too. We source directly from the manufacturer in the USA so our prices are the best. The collection includes ‘Writer’s Block’, a series that is resistant to pen marks.

A full selection can be seen at nassimi.com

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leather, armchairs, aged, analine
Chic distressed leather arm chairs in a hotel in Provence
leather for upholstery furniture
Semi-aniline leather

Pure aniline leather is the softest and most beautiful

Good leather is dyed throughout the hide, not just a layer on the surface

The Symphony Collection
Glaze, from the Symphony Collection, is a favourite PVC and comes in many more colours
simulated leather, fake leather
PVC is hardy in a restaurant