Grupo Lamadrid
Harking from Spain Grupo Lamadrid create sublimely useable and sophisticated textiles. Bold design, strong pattern and texture define this charming collection. There are three brands: ‘Guell Lamadrid’, ‘Les Créations de la Maison’ and ‘Lamadrid Contract’

Güell Lamadrid is inspired by the freshness and diversity of the Mediterranean and the elegance of the classical tones of old Europe. Colours are vibrant and designs are dynamic.

With Les Créations de la Maison themes of urban culture, the avant-garde and the character of Barcelona fuel the design. Using the very best in finishes this collection seeks to create delicate and peaceful yet memorable environments.

Contract Lamadrid produce brilliant designs suitable for projects that are robust and meet demanding specification requirements.

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Sophisticated but relaxed, luxurious yet comfortable from the 'Altamira' collection
Black on linen
'Black and Linen' woven together in an array of covetable designs

Effortlessly exotic with a splash of Northern Africa.
Multi-tone fabrics from Grupo La Madrid
A charming multi-tone weave called 'biscuit'
Tropical design on linen
Retro Tropical design on linen and they come in the prettiest of colours
Bright and funky Spanish desing
Bold and funky, you have to love colour
Chic grey textures and patterns
Chic and urban, Grupo Lamadrid layer grey textures and patterns
Rich design from Grupo Lamadrid
Rich, distressed and called 'Nicola'

Palm trees and leopards adorn this elegant textile

Jade green, crushed velvet – what more do you want when making a statement
Furniture upholstery fabric from Guell Lamadrid
The Buckingham collection is striking and bold in a great colour palatte