Furniture and Upholstery
Custom Furniture, Re-upholstery and Furniture Refurbishment

For refurbishments, such as re-upholstery, custom furnishings and furniture, we can help you select good crafts-people and guide you through the process to ensure quality. In Singapore and beyond we have close relationships with many of the best furniture-makers and upholsterers.

If you require the services of a professional interior designer or furniture designer we can point you in the right direction too. Great fabric, wallpapers, trims and leathers reinvigorate making spaces a pleasure to be in. They should enhance the look and feel, be comfortable and practical too.
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Daminato Studio bespoke furniture
From the AD Collection by Studio Daminato in linens from Designs of the Time
Seat pads Boeme English fabric
Seat pads are easy to make, these ones are in Boeme's water-colour inspired velvet
Sofa in unique fabric from Boeme in England
re-upholstery, recovering fabric, calico, foam
At the upholsterers workshop

Fabric and wallpaper hand-block printed from 'Spring Rhythm' in India
reupholstery, reinvigoration of couch
Restoring retro furniture
Hertex Fabric, Beehive design
The finished product, Hertex Fabric's Beehive upholsters beautifully
Napoleon Bee from Timorous Beasties
Timorous Beasties' gold Napolean Bees on linen complete the story
Peacock feathers interior design
Rich design from Boeme reinvigorates an old armchair

Pleat detail.

Before, is there hope?

Beautifully re-upholstered gives a new lease of life
Rhodenea in the Florentine Cathedral
An algebraic curve called Rhodonea is found in the rose window of the Florence cathedral