Designs of the Time
Relaxed Sophistication

By Yvan Puylaert in Belgium this is an exciting and very cool collection. Imbued with a spirit of adventure Designs of the Time mix textured linens with silks, velvets and vibrant splashes of colour.

Their collections appear casual yet a second glance proves that these textiles are born from sophisticated and meticulous design practice.

All aspects from creation to manufacturing are considered resulting in a confident, unique and very easy-to-use and live with design. Firm in the pursuit of quality, Yvan Puylaert and his team make no concessions.

Says Yvan “This is what I really love, so we make no concessions. We very deliberately choose top quality materials that we like ourselves and from these we try to assemble a fascinating, personal and unique collection. This is not just my way of working, it's my way of living."
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Jute woven cushions
'Maska' and 'Canoa' in inky indigo blues
Bed covers and bed-throws in linen
Chic, and gorgeously fresh and soft, tone-on-tone linen. Combine with the whitest sheets
Comfortable and chic
A room to love; warm lively colours yet fresh and relaxing
Design of the Times, Belgium
A close-up of the fascinating 'Acaroho'
sheer linens
The proof that a beautiful sheer is money well spent
best sheer ever - Adahy
'Adahy' hangs & feels like a dream and is very practical with 80% polyester, 20% linen
a stunning sheer night curtain combination
"'Tanjapura' on the curtain and 'Adahy' on the sheer
texture ton-sur-ton
Taking depth of colour and texture to new heights
Bed-throws, Yvan Puylaert, Belgian
Simply textured 100% Belgian linen
Cushions, velvet banquette, linen blends
More cushions look best we believe
Red cushions, digitally printed fabric
Mixing texture & patterns within a careful colour palate
Design of the Times, Belgium
Embossed linens in a 'distressed' room
poofs, poffs, squabs
'Gitano' – brilliant for large floor cushions
One small splash of rich yellow
Curtains, drapes, night-curtains
'Leiko' one of our many 3 metre wide linens
'Harris' is a favourite natural linen with silk throw cushion
'Bandara' has a tie-dyed effect for impeccable 'coolness'
Couch slip-cover, designs of the time
For the dramatic and the confident
Jute-blended, belgian textiles
'Glaurung' dragons on the curtains are digitally printed and below are heavily textured jute-blend cushions
Fabric for interiors
Matt velvet
'Kuito' for the drapes and 'Nubes', an enzymatically distressed velvet, on the armchairs
Interior design
Yvan Puylaert's fabric swatches
Cube, velvet,  embossed fabric
Cubes are cute and useful
linen interior upholstory fabric
Mostly from the lovely 'Chrypy' linen collection