Curtains & Cushions
Curtains, cushions, lampshades, bed-heads, bed-throws and rugs add layers and interest.

Curtains finish a room, they provide the back-drop and add warmth and character; this is especially true in many modern spaces that can be barren and cold. For curtains how the fabric will drape is of utmost consideration. Many of our designs are more than three meters wide which save cost and reduces seam-lines.

Cushions are so comfortable and can create the spice. We make a lot of cushions and our cushion-makers are second-to-none.
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Linen curtains & drapes
Hanging like a dream and made from very fine linen and wool threads. It feels just lovely too.

'Regards Croisé' – strikingly Misia-Paris digitally prints on a satin wool

Textured curtains are prettier and more interesting…
Chevron design on your Curtains
Soft and subtle in a great pink tone, 'Hereo' by James Malone
Textured cushions
Luxury is created with a gorgeous selection from Misia-Paris
Striped curtains Boeme
Horizontal stripes as drapes are more obviously striped than in the vertical
Boucle on a satin base
'Eldorado' has a huge whimsical bouclé upon a satin ground for beautiful cushions
cat cushions
Enjoy & indulgence
velvet and linen elephant cushions
Ornate and so much fun from Santorus
Linen cushions
Splash of raspberry on dusty pink – say no more…
Bed throws, cushions, pillows
Linen curtains add sublime simplicity; Puerta from Designs of the Time
Velvet, linen, throw cushions
Nubes' velvet is densley pigmented and makes singularly divine pillows
Napolean Bea, linen cushions
It can be hard to predict when a fabric will make for stunning cushions
Roman blinds, panel glides
Roman Blinds with a patterned panel from Timorous Beasties in the centre
Drapery, draping soft fabric
Flowing 'Sinofonia' from Decortex Firenze for beautiful drapery
Bird designs
There are six different birds from Timorous Beasties; fabulous for drapes too.
night curtains
We do like to put velvet on the reverse.
piped cushions, flange, cord
Piping can add refinement providing a border
Top-stitched upholstery
Top stitching on thick natural woven linen - this fabric will last forever
Sheers, day curtains, see through fabric
Simple day-curtains blur the view and create privacy

Pattern-matching, our cushion-makers are superb crafts-people

'Ikeda' makes for a dramatic bolster too.