Boeme Design
Statement design from a bold, joyous and non-conformist portfolio.

Established in 2011 by Jo Bound, Boeme set about creating a furnishing brand of beautiful fabrics. The foundations of Boeme lie in the emphasis on originality of design, quality of product and ‘Made in England’.

Created in the Boeme studio from Jo Bound’s original fine art paintings; this is exploration into the natural world of plants, landscapes whilst experimenting with painting techniques keeps the Boeme aesthetic alive. These serene, expressive works are translated with a wealth of experience in textile design, underpinned by the skills involved in UK fabric printing industry.

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Boeme printed textiles
Designs that 'give a lot', they are tranquil & gracious
British design from Boeme
Inky water-colours and depth of colour abound
Natural and beautiful printed on Velvet
Elegant textures derived from nature